Spray foam is one of the most effective insulation solutions around, and is quickly becoming a preferred choice for consumers. Energy prices have been rising year on year, regardless of who your supplier is. As a result, more and more businesses and homeowners are looking for quality insulation systems that can keep a structure warm without incurring excessive costs.

SWIS Distribution Ltd provides customers in the UK with cost-effective insulation that can be installed quickly, and with minimum disruption.

how does it work?

A major benefit of our spray-applied insulation is the ease with which it can be installed. Our products can be sprayed onto large areas, or injected into hard to reach places. Once applied to a surface or cavity, the material quickly expands to create a single continuous barrier, reducing cold spots and halting any air infiltration.

what are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation will reduce your annual energy costs. The air-tight seal helps keep conditioned air inside the structure to reduce heat loss. As a result, you’ll spend less on heating in winter and make overall savings. An insulated home provides a more attractive choice for buyers, if you plan on selling in the future. Savings start as soon as the insulation is applied.

Once the spray foam is applied, you’ll be able to enjoy increased levels of comfort. Insulation eradicates drafts, and reduces cold and hot spots throughout the home by closing any gaps present. The result is an even temperature throughout the property. If you live in a noisy area, you will be able to enjoy reduced sound levels thanks to the spray foam seal.

AirTight spray foam offers a number of protective features for a home. Restricted air movement results in reduced accumulation of moisture, and lessens the chance of mould appearing. Plus, the insulation helps deter pests from coming into your home. A solid layer of insulation helps seal potential weak points, making it more difficult for insects and rodents to enter.

Airborne pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, dust and dirt, are responsible for a wide range of afflictions, like allergies or asthma. Spray foam insulation helps seal your home, protecting it from the pollutants in the outside air. Many customers have noticed a positive improvement in their health following installation.

Spray foam insulation contributes to overall structural stability, depending on the thickness and application of the material on installation.

Loft insulation is often added to the ground, rather than roof line. The result is a reduced storage area, as boards no longer fit after the installation. Spray foam can be applied to the roof line, letting you retain your storage space.

25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

All spray foam installations are carried out by Lapolla licensed installers.

what types of spray foam insulation do we offer?


When integrated into a ‘Systems approach’ to effective structural envelope construction, Lapolla closed-cell spray polyurethane foam performs exceptionally well. It minimises moisture gain, heat transfer and air leakage, while improving racking strength. Closed cell foam is an effective means of conserving energy for the majority of structures.


Open-cell spray foam is a thermal insulation material capable of expanding to 120 times its original volume. It can fill cavities of any shape, and adhere tenaciously to the most framing members and building materials.

By providing an air barrier that stretches to fill the entire cavity, it minimises air leakage and intrusion. This allows it to significantly reduce any transfer of heat.


Lapolla Retrofit Foam fills wall cavities to create an effective air barrier. It can be used to incrementally fill a pre-existing cavity or block assembly of a wall, in a progressive application from the bottom to the top.

This method allows for insulation of a preexisting cavity wall, without requiring that the interior face be removed. The end result is a continuous air barrier that insulates the wall with minimum damage or alteration to the cavity.

Thanks to the efficient application, you can save on the labour, time and additional costs of taking down and replacing an existing interior wall face. With block wall assemblies, the interior cavities can be incrementally filled with Retrofit Foam, providing insulation and reducing any heat transfer or air leakage.

efficient & protective

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You can transform your home to an energy-efficient asset that saves you money and provides you with better comfort and protection.

other benefits of spray foam insulation

We tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients. A properly installed foam insulation system offers a number of benefits that can be enjoyed by any home or business owner, including:

  • A more green and energy-efficient structure
  • Lower outgoings on energy bills, resulting in long-term saving
  • A steady ambient temperature, resulting in greater comfort
  • Added strength to your structure
  • A barrier against moisture, airborne particles and insects
  • We provide all our customers with a 25 year warranty
how can we help you?

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